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Best thing from the last episode of Community season 5

Best thing from the last episode of Community season 5


B U R I E D   T R E A S U R E

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artinaut asked: Some folks have comedy in their heart, methinks you're one of those people for sure. Looking forward to it already. :)

Well if you don’t laugh, there ain’t much fun in life :P I also cannot wait to see what you create with those creative hands of yours ;)

So here is a collection of photos from my weekend at LSCC, it was an amazing experience. It was the first time I had ever taken part in a contest and boy what a contest. So many super detailed costumes and set pieces. Myself with only my voice over and swooshing around the stage seemed to have charmed the audience, I truly appreciated the comments and love that everyone at the convention was giving out. 

The weekend was only made sweeter by the fact that my room was upgraded to a suite for no extra charge. I really enjoyed a great weekend and I look forward to next year’s contest I gotta get it planned accordingly.


Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship!


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Well Demoncon 7 was amazing today, met up with friends old and new and had a blast as Bat-mite. It was a great test for the costume, smiles and weird looks from the crowds loved everybody :)

Progression of my Batmite cosplay/puppet



I just saw that James Avery just passed away and all I could think of was this scene from Fresh Prince. The ending moment between Will and Uncle Phil was unscripted and it shows how caring and loving James Avery was towards the people he interacted with. Judge Phillip Banks was the first positive black male role model I saw on TV (other than Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable…) and I want to post this in tribute. Mr. Avery, thank you for being a part of my childhood and you will be sorely missed.

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